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Born to make the world a better place

Is Gordon Bennett really the son of a God? Or is he just away with the fairies?

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Grace reads minds, and she has healing hands.

Can it be a coincidence that she turns up in Gordon's class on their first day in secondary school?

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The Fantastic Four become the Super Six.

The children's powers are developing; but how will they deal with a dark lord determined to kill them all?

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The Super Six become the Eight Team...

...while dealing with an array of aliens, gods, giants and some deadly creatures from the other side of time.

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The forces of evil stop at nothing...

...and The Eight Team faces its strongest challenge to date.

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Nick faces his nightmares...

...while the Eight Team mete out some rough justice.

The "Myrddin's Heir" series video is on YouTube

You can go to it now by clicking '

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The story that started it all.