“I’m not Crazy… I’m Allergic!” Sherilyn Powers

This is an ‘astonishing’ book because of the strength of the case it makes for something that very many medical practitioners and researchers even now appear not to be sufficiently aware of: that in some people, severe allergic reaction presents as depression and psychosis. The book is largely about ‘Julie’ who for fifty years was given drugs that didn’t work, when what she needed was a correct diagnosis, anti-histamine, and to stop ingesting the foods that were making her ill. It is her cry, once Sherilyn had been able to prove to her what had been wrong all along, that forms the title of this book. It is also about Sherilyn herself, and how she eventually discovered what was causing her problems and what she was then able to do about solving them.

‘EVERYONE’ should read this book, because even if you don’t yourself suffer from depression, exhaustion, insomnia, migraines, eczema and a host of other debilitating conditions, it’s more than likely that you know someone who does: someone for whom the normal range of blood tests has failed to show anything wrong and who may have already been labelled as “attention-seeking” or “self-pitying” or “a hypochondriac” because they are so often ill. Did you know that the suicide rate goes up in Spring?

Sherilyn Powers carefully points out on several occasions that she does not have a medical qualification, and that people should always consult a medically qualified person if something is wrong. However, she also methodically and convincingly presents the evidence for her case that the medical profession as a whole has not paid enough attention to allergens as the possible cause of a number of conditions for which they have been wrongly prescribing anti-depressants. This is a short, well-written, well-researched, authoritative study of the subject. It is a very important book, and should be read very widely indeed. I want to thank Sherilyn Powers most sincerely for having written it. It opened my eyes.

Sherilyn Powers I'M NOT CRAZY... I'M ALLERGIC