“Finding Liam” CHERYL PHIPPS

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this heartwarming tale of a childless couple – good people – getting the child they deserved.  Prossers Bay is the small town equivalent of the way the world should be: full of kind, hard-working people ready to help out anyone who has fallen on hard times, especially a defenceless and exceptionally polite little boy whose mother had left him in what she hoped was a safe place while she tried to deal with the danger presented by a rotten, cowardly bully.  This short book can be easily and enjoyably read at one sitting, as I did.  I have to say it’s rare to find a book where you don’t have to grow through protracted pain and misery for chapter after chapter before arriving at a conclusion that reaffirms your belief that there may after all be hope for the world.  There is so much dystopian fiction around, and I found I was more than ready for a soothing tale of people getting it right from the beginning, despite the difficulties encountered along the way.

There are some typos in the version I read, which I will send to the author – they are the sort of unintentional slips that can easily be missed and just as easily put right.  I like where Cheryl Phipps is coming from, and I recommend this little book without reservation.

Cheryl Phipps Finding Liam