“Haunting Megan” Rebecca Reilly

This is a story that twists and turns but never fails to pluck at the heart strings. Its refrains are involving – haunting and chilling – but what gives it its power is how securely it is rooted in reality. It is heart-stopping at times because you know the author is right: the world isn’t fair, mistakes are made, and the innocent are routinely crucified.

But Rebecca Reilly IS scrupulously fair: it is such a relief that the psychos aren’t all men and the victims all women. I know from personal experience, as does she, that damage does not discriminate when done to or by every possible combination of gender residing in the bodies and minds of human beings. “Man hands on misery to man…” Philip Larkin observed, but it wasn’t a gender-specific generalisation. Abuse takes many forms, with appalling consequences, sometimes generations down the line, and it affects both genders alike.

“Haunting Megan” is a well-crafted, well-researched and well-written book, with important questions to ponder after you’ve read it. It is that best of combinations: hugely entertaining AND deeply thought-provoking. I thoroughly approved on every level and recommend it without reservation.

Rebecca Reilly Haunting Megan