It’s a privilege to be hosting fellow Indie author Lincoln Cole on my blog. He was born and lives in Columbus Ohio, and  is a prolific author, having already written eight books at the age of just 29. Not only that, his work has garnered a number of awards and independent indications of excellence. Ripples Through Time gained the Literary Classics 2015 Book Award for Inspirational/Visionary Fiction. Second Chances won the 2015 New Apple Award for Visionary Fiction as well as the 2016 Regional Excellence Book Award for Midwest Fiction. It is also a 2016 Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards

In this blog I am concentrating  on what his readers have to say.

Lincoln Cole Ripples through TimeRipples Through Time (35 reviews, averaging 4.8 stars)

“This is an extremely well-crafted, sensitively authentic tale that delves into what it is to be human and the human condition: the secrets, lies, reconciliations, and in the end choice and forgiveness. I certainly am coming away believing in the forgiveness.”
“I found the different voices authentic and strong, the sense of time passing definite, with the modern neighbour’s thoughts on coding and websites which just escape Calvin’s understanding. Can one generation really understand another? Does the cycle of life keep turning in this dissociated yet web-connected era? You’ll enjoy this wistfully romantic tale if you like thoughtful fiction based on characters and passing time, with plenty to learn and well-written horses.”
“The choice of multiple narrators and multiple times enriches the story. At the end, I felt I knew these people. Beautifully crafted and developed. Highly recommended.”

Lincoln Cole Graveyard of Empires

Graveyard of Empires (14 reviews, averaging 4.8 stars)
“Graveyard of Empires is a fast paced and multifaceted action and adventure, sci-fi novel set in the depths of space. The story is made up of multiple branches that are interesting in their own right but then intertwine together at interesting points of the story to enrich the entire story-line. The characters are interesting and well developed and the action scenes are incredibly written. The author has created a set of strong characters with interesting abilities that control the direction of the story and will be used to create the next installment of the novel (I am assuming). Action scenes range from an elderly assassin that is a master in hand-to-hand and wields a sword, to a group of young people that find themselves in the wilderness and have to fight their way back to civilization aboard a train transporting a woman with telekinetic abilities. The author has created a technology-rich and believable world that is both fascinating and exciting. I’m interested to read the next instalment.”
“The author has woven together an excellent fast moving story, full of well fleshed out characters, into a Science-Fiction action adventure fantasy that I have no problem in recommending to fans of the genre. I am looking forward to the next book and will read more of Lincoln’s books.”
“Author Lincoln Cole has cleverly and creatively crafted a tale filled with complex worlds inhabited by equally complex characters. He does a wonderful job of introducing the characters and the worlds in which they inhabit. The tension builds, chapter to chapter, as the characters and the situations they find themselves in bring the nature of this gripping story to light.”

Lincoln Cole Second ChancesSecond Chances (23 customer reviews, 100% @ 5 stars)

“Wow! Second Chances by Lincoln Cole, is a must read. From the first page, I was hooked, and anxious for more. I read whenever I had a moment, and was absolutely engrossed by the story. I cannot say enough fabulous things about this book. The author is sincerely a gifted writer, and has a way with words. If you are looking for a dynamically emotional story, filled with life lessons, this is the story for you.”
“Lincoln Cole is a brilliant writer, and you will find yourself squirming a bit as you work your way through the problems the characters in this book have to face. These problems are not unique to this book. The injustices of society are all around us, but we usually don’t notice. As Walt Kelly so famously said in his comic strip Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” I give Lincoln Cole a 5-star rating for a job well done. I urge you to read his book. You are going to enjoy the experience, and you might come away from it strangely changed.”
“Lincoln Cole is one of the most gifted writers I have read. From the first few pages of this book i was fully engaged in the lives of the characters and anxious to know how their individual issues would resolve themselves. This is the second book I have read by this author and I’m sure it won’t be my last. The way he brings his characters to life is truly amazing. This book had me questioning my own preconceptions and biases and wondering how I am perceived by the people I interact with daily. It also made me want to call my sister just to tell her I love her!
I think it is a sign of true talent any time an author is able to bring out this kind of response from his or her readers. Thank you Lincoln, and keep the books coming!”

Lincoln Cole UAVUAV (9 customer reviews, 100% @ 5 stars)

“With a deft touch, Lincoln Cole meshes the personal lives of the major characters with the novel’s action, in a manner which doesn’t slow the breakneck speed of the story but still manages to bring the characters to life. UAV is reminiscent of a James Rollins adventure, and I found myself staying up with it into the night, until I finished it. A very good read.”
“It’s great when you choose a book from a new author and within a few pages know it’s going to be a fun read. I thought the opening action scene was particularly excellent and I was gripped. This is a fast paced thriller with an excellent and very contemporary plot about drones and the danger they provide if they fall into the wrong hands.
There is a good mix of characters and I always enjoy a strong female protagonist, simply because in most of the thrillers I read they are confined to more minor roles. There are some grey areas about who is good or bad, especially early in the book but towards the end it is a page turning race against time to chase down the bad guys.
If you enjoy action packed thrillers, this will be for you. I plan to read more by this author.”
“Great military/black ops/action thriller. Reminiscent of Tom Clancy, with characters on both the good and bad sides that you can relate too. Mr. Cole’s story takes off fast and keeps going at a strong pace. Good use of descriptive writing keeps the reader right in the middle of the action. You can almost feel the knife sinking into the flesh. Finally, a clever plot line brings the full package together for a good read that will not disappoint.”

Lincoln Cole SchismSchism (2 customer reviews, 100% @ 5 stars)

“This was a very good collection of short stories. It was a short read, but each story was well fleshed out as far as plot and characters. I could picture each story as if a movie was going on in my head. Help Line had me laughing as I’m a computer nerd and I’ve worked sales and tech support before. The one that particularly stood out and I wanted more from was Life or Death. This one was an excellent short story and I would love to read an expanded version of this one with what lead up to the situation and what happened afterwards.

Each story really stood on its own and the author note on this novel page is that this is his earlier writing. I look forward to reading his other works”
“Schism is an extraordinary collection of short stories. Each story was well written. I truly enjoyed the book. Great Job by Lincoln Cole.”

Pretty conclusive, wouldn’t you say? Lincoln Cole has pleased a lot of readers (and critics, and award-presenters) already. It behoves those of us who were not aware of his work before to download some and enjoy it for ourselves!
You can find out more about his three novels scheduled for publication in 2016 by clicking on the links below the cover pictures. Three novels in a year? SHEESH!!Lincoln Cole Last Light in the Dark

Last Light in the Dark

Lincoln Cole Blending of WorldsBlending of Worlds

Lincoln Cole Raven's PeakRaven’s Peak

Twitter: @LincolnJCole