“Milele Safari” Jan Hawke

The book’s foreword and acknowledgements are particularly intelligent and comprehensive, raising hopes and expectations that are exceeded by the book itself. “Milele Safari” is inspiring, harrowing, brave, compassionate, and impressively well-informed. It is one of those rare books that while informing and entertaining (in the best sense) its readers, helps them get their own lives in perspective: reminding them when all is said and done what it is they have to be thankful for.

“Genocide. The pain goes on and on. T.I.A.” [This is Africa] “In real life there are rarely happy endings and good intentions seem not so much to go a long way as take a less than scenic route through psychological no-go zones and ethical minefields.” This is a “journey through one of the most frustratingly beguiling and stupendous jumble of cultures and breathtaking collections of eco-systems on this jaded old world.”

I recommend it without reservation.

Jan Hawke Milele Safari