This is a fascinating tale of colliding cultures, contrasting values and the struggle for mutual understanding in the pursuit of peace and happiness.  Jeanne Foguth has created a very interesting blend of science fiction and fantasy in which to explore some timeless human issues and dilemmas.

Warrior Colonel Larwin Atano crash-lands on an apparently lifeless planetoid.  He is accompanied by an android (model GEA-4) made in the likeness of a small human female with silver hair and a voice “as sensuous as a wet dream.” Amazed to find himself still alive, he finds there is something on this planetoid that makes it very special indeed…

Nimri Tramontain wishes she had not inherited the role of Protector of her people following the recent death of her grandfather Rolf.  She doesn’t feel up to the task, for she doesn’t believe herself capable of harnessing and controlling the power of Myst…

These two characters have been brought up in almost totally different ways in totally different environments with significantly different knowledge bases, values and expectations.  Many conflicts need resolving, and through a tale of many twists and turns they each come to a greater understanding of themselves in their respective pursuits of happiness.

I was gripped by the story, and intrigued to find out how the author was going to handle the pretty profound issues she was exploring.  It says a lot about the human condition, and the different directions in which we as a creature can be pulled by different aspects of our natures and the conditioning of our upbringings.  I thoroughly recommend it as an entertaining and thoughtful piece of work.

Jeanne Foguth STAR BRIDGE