Thank You

When I finally retired from teaching in 2007, two pupils wrote poems for me. The English Department put them in a nice frame with a picture of me with my colleagues as a retirement present. It now hangs on my bedroom wall, and no doubt will until I die. I could want no better tribute.

 Thank you

Yours was the best sort of teaching:

a reservoir of enthusiasm, a waterfall of eloquence,

the fresh waters of sanity.


Thank you …

for your generous wit

for your constantly open mind

for your scholarship for your effortless command of language

for your eccentric stories


Thank you …

for never writing “Good effort” or “Nice try” on my work

for your seriousness

for showing me poetry was something I was allowed to write

for caring about nuances and the little, important things


I hear you will be writing stories when you move on.

I’m glad.

It means that you will never really ‘retire’

from teaching people English.


Tom Eccles

On behalf of everyone you inspired at Tytherington High School



dragonfly-free imageInspiration


Inspiration –

It’s only a word.

Four syllables, five vowels, six consonants.



But the meaning is far more vast.


lake-scenery-free imageA distant horizon dappled with light

Might once have signified nothing at all

But now it’s a chance to set myself free

And capture it forever on paper.


A view from a window

A field of corn

A girl with a strawberry ice-cream

field of wheat - free imageAll prompt me to take out my notepad and pen,

Forget today’s worries, abandon my thoughts,

And write – whatever I choose.


I can go anywhere, I can see anything;

Battling knights and chattering goblins

A dragonfly’s whimsical dance

lantern- free imageOr a ship gliding through infinite space

A flickering lantern searching the night.


Inspiration –

It’s only a word.

No, it’s a gift.

Incredible, colossal, unending.


Ellie Sutton

On behalf of all the young people that you have ‘set free’.