“The 11.05 Murders” Brian O’Hare

Brian O’Hare is an intelligent and compassionate storyteller who takes his chosen genre a decent literary distance beyond your average ‘Whodunnit’. Murder investigations must be like this in real life: the discovery of layers of complications and interwoven situations which tell the reader things worth knowing about the human condition, regardless of the mysteries being unravelled. On the one hand there are events which appear isolated and yet have some connection to the case. On the other, there is the overlapping of ‘cases’: characters who may or may not be centrally involved with the murders under investigation but who certainly have fingers in other putrid pies. Investigate any series of murders, and you are almost certain to be taking the lid off more than one can of worms.

In that plethora of detail are the solid clues which point anyone paying attention to the possible perpetrators. Like the principal characters on the side of law and order, you will have your suspicions throughout, patience and perspicacity is needed to tease through all the possible patterns and arrive with a protagonist at the final point where all the pieces fit. And of course – given the genre – you can confidently expect a few surprises before the end!

Congratulations Brian O’Hare on a well-judged, carefully crafted piece of work.

Brian O'Hare THE 11 05 MURDERS