“The Guardian’s Prophecy” MITZI FLYTE

This is a very well written book by a knowledgeable author (history, sociology, psychology) with educated, highly qualified protagonists helping the reader suspend their disbelief while a legend comes to life. The trick in such instances is “gradualism” – the building of the picture using convincing detail while gradually weaving in those strands of the story that would otherwise be hard to swallow.  Mitzi Flyte handles it brilliantly: you know you’re in safe hands from the first few chapters and feel yourself relaxing into a gripping tale being expertly spun.

Zoologist Dr Kate Riley is “a workaholic with a highly developed sense of responsibility”, determined to keep the land that has been in her family for generations as a preserve for wolves.  A mob-related Finance Corporation wants it for a casino and will go to any lengths to acquire it. However, that is only one of her worries.  There are increasing signs that cataclysmic natural disasters on a global scale may herald the end of human civilisation as we know it.  Should that happen, the technology-dependent creature that we have become will have to go back to “the old ways” in order to survive.

To do that, they will need “Keepers of the Old Ways” to instruct them: wise women with the knowledge implanted in them from hundreds – even thousands – of years ago, women with “guardians” who ensure that their genetic memories survive through countless generations, ready to be awakened when the time is right.  That time is almost upon us; and since she was a child, Kate has had disturbing dreams in which she is running with a gigantic wolf in the woods…

I’m trying to tell you just enough to tempt you to read ‘The Guardian’s Prophecy’ for yourself.  Ms Flyte weaves a strong story with rounded characters, convincing dialogue and enticing detail as she brings her reader slowly to the point where they must accept, with the ultra-sceptical Dr Riley, that the evidence is overwhelming.  There really ARE werewolves…