It is with great pleasure that I welcome acclaimed author MAURICE G MILLER to my BlogSpot. I have recently downloaded The Budapest Experiment on the strength of its opening paragraphs. It seems to be a terrific read, and I am looking forward to reviewing it.  I really hope that after reading his blog you will do the same (if you haven’t done so already).

Over to Maurice…

I thought I would take this opportunity to acquaint you with some of the main characters that you will encounter when reading The Budapest Experiment. I hope you find them as interesting as I did when I created them. Please be sure to leave comments/questions/feedback at the end of the post; they are much appreciated.
Michael Rousson – The protagonist is your “not so average” American. At age 39, he is from the Boston area, and married to his wife Katy with three children between 12 and 15 years old. After being laid off from his full time job in 1990 and being an entrepreneur at heart, he decides to start his own consulting business and embark on the adventure he fondly refers to as ‘The Budapest Experiment.’ Struggling financially and depending mostly on Katie’s income to survive, he hopes that getting in on the ground floor of new business opportunities in Eastern and Central Europe will provide the break he has always been searching for. The region at that time was transitioning both economically and politically in the immediate aftermath of the breakup of the Soviet Union.
Maurice G Miller THE BUDAPEST EXPERIMENTLidija (pronounced ‘lid-ja’) – One of the first allies that Michael aligns himself with while in Budapest. He meets Lidija at a bar during his first few days there and finds out that she is a Hungarian college student who sometimes freelances as an English interpreter. She agrees to work with him for a favorable hourly rate compared to other interpreting companies that he has looked into. Lidija proves to be very effective as an interpreter, but also becomes playful and flirty the more they spend time together. She reminds Michael very much of a ‘hippie/flower girl’ from the 1960’s with a free spirit attitude and a simple but beautiful appearance.
Peter Németh – At age 27 he is a rising young star in the Russian Mob’s business operations based in Budapest. Some would say he is an adopted son of The Boss. Peter’s father worked as Mob security in the late 1970’s and was killed in a CIA sponsored assassination attempt on The Boss. After his father’s death, he is sent to a boarding school in England for his high school years, and then to University in Russia to get an economics degree. A very well rounded individual, he speaks several languages and has the ability to grasp and execute the Mob’s business strategies. For reasons that are unknown and consistently perplexing to Michael, Peter was impressed with his demeanor, ability, and skills. Initiating some lucrative deals, and then luring him into a consulting position with the Mob, Peter is the primary force in turning around the state of Michael’s bleak financial condition.
‘The Boss’ – Sergei Zaretsky – As the undeniable world leader of the Russian Mob, he is one of the most powerful, feared, respected, and wanted men on the planet. Working between his country home in Pècs and Budapest, he runs the Mob’s worldwide operations out of Hungary in the early 1990’s. In the mid 1980’s Sergei entered the US under a false identity and took up residence in the Chicago area for nearly 18 months to forge alliances with the Italian Mafia in America before rising to the top of the Russian Mob. It was during this time that he became an even bigger fan of American basketball in general, and the Chicago Bulls in particular. It was this commonality and knowledge of American sports that helped Michael gain favor with The Boss during their limited face to face interactions.
Milena and Hristina – Bulgarians twins who were recently sold into sex slavery, after their father had a stroke and was no longer able to support the family. They were beautiful women with very athletic builds, long flowing black hair, and piercing, erotic green eyes. Given temporary special privilege because their father was a friend to the ‘Brotherhood (Bratva),’ they had to service, for now, only the Mob elite. Milena was requested and ‘assigned’ as Peter’s girlfriend, while Hristina belonged to one of the Mob’s lieutenants. Peter eventually uses Hristina as part of the seduction process to lure Michael into the Mob.
Sarah – At 26 years old, a native Hungarian, she is the ‘den mother’ of the ‘Mob Women’ who are living in Budapest. She has been in the business since she was 18, following in the footsteps of her mother. In addition to watching over the young girls to keep them in line and prevent them from running away, she must also care for her dying mother, who contracted AIDS some years back. Becoming entangled in the crazy web of Mob culture, Michael finds comfort in Sarah’s caring, maternal instincts and they develop a relationship.

Of course there are many more characters in the book, including the villainous Laszlo Toth, but not enough room here to go through them all. I do after all want to leave room for some suspense/surprises when you read it.


Author Biofeatured image 30 Maurice Miller

Maurice has been involved in the creative arts since his teenage years. Having worked and played in rock/blues bands for most of his adult life, the artistic role models that he came to admire were those authors, musicians, and philosophers that wrote the books, poetry, lyrics, and music that touched and moved the souls of generations. Counted among his favorites authors are J.D. Salinger, Ernest Hemingway, Dante Alighieri, and Kahlil Gibran. Deciding to take a break from the music career, he has rededicated his creative energies toward writing.

Then there is the “business geek” side of him. With an MBA degree, and having started several ventures, he has an obsession for creating new business ideas, digging into data analytics and dissecting statistics. This passion for entrepreneurship is reflected prominently in his writing style.

Maurice’s debut fictional novel – The Budapest Experiment –  an international thriller, was released on May 25, 2015 and is available now on Amazon.

Lots more can be found, including book info, social media contacts, and blog posts, at:

The Budapest Experiment – Synopsis

At what price would you sell your soul…?

This captivating thriller weaves business, politics, seduction, power, and religion all into a compelling tale of international intrigue.

Set in 1991, during the dawn of the Post-Communist era in Hungary, this novel chronicles the exploits of Michael, an adventurous but struggling American entrepreneur.

During this period of tumultuous political, economic, and social change, the Russian Mob is taking advantage of the ensuing turmoil to entrench itself deeper into the business landscape of the former Soviet Bloc countries.

Navigating through the streets of Budapest, Michael immediately senses an air of mysticism and lurking danger. After a few successes and trials, a series of business dealings leads him to a consulting position with the ‘Organization’.

Seduced by their women, money, and power, Michael becomes entangled in the web of Mob culture. Digging into his conscience, he encounters a spirit ravaged with feelings of guilt and betrayal, but a rapidly growing bank account serves as the means to justify his actions.

Pondering his future, Michael wonders if he can balance this extreme Budapest lifestyle with his ‘ordinary’ family life back home. After padding his wallet for the past several months, would the Organization let him just walk away, or would there be consequences?

This book is intended for mature audiences.



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