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“Annwyn’s Blood” MICHAEL EGING

‘Annwyn’s Blood’ begins as another medieval tale of derring do. Marianna, the beautiful daughter of Mattheus, High King of all Gwent, has been abducted while returning from a pilgrimage. All her guards and retainers have been brutally slain, but five weeks have passed and there has been no ransom demand. The kingdom is being scoured to find her. Among those seeking is a noble youth from ‘Birkenshire’ named Erik, a young knight in training, eager to prove himself to his King while nursing a secret love for the princess who is ‘out of his star’. Rapidly, however, we realise that...

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Poetry written by characters in this story

In chapter 19 of Book 3: The Quality of Mercy, my heroes’ and heroines’ English teacher launched their first unit on poetry: what it is and how to write it. Gordon had been waiting ages to get his teeth into this subject. There’s an interesting discussion of the basics, which Zack expands on with Gordon later that evening. Their homework was to write a poem that expressed an important idea in a powerful and poetic way. Their poems appear in chapters 26 – 28, but they’ve given me permission to post them on my reader’s wall as well. I think...

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