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‘Once in a Lifetime’ Jayne Nichols

“You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs,” Paul McCartney sang in 1976, with his tongue in his cheek: because of course our need to love and be loved in return is at the very centre of our being. “Once in a Lifetime” is a beautifully written, gentle and heart-warming, modern evocation of the Cinderella story, told by Jayne Nichols with her tongue in her cheek, smiling gently in Austin-esque fashion while paying homage to our basic human need for life to be like this for deserving people. Reading it was like soaking in a warm...

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‘Papala Skies’ Stephen Geez

     ‘Papala Skies’ is a tour de force: meticulously researched, intricately planned, and beautifully written. I was reminded of something William Wordsworth said once: “I yield to none in love of my art. I therefore labour at it with reverence, affection and industry.” This is a most carefully crafted book, its characters and their struggles serving the author’s worthy purposes, its language replete with resonating imagery and apposite metaphor. Stephen Geez possesses impressively wide-ranging knowledge in a number of fields, all of which add credence to his tale; but in a way for me, suspension of disbelief was never an...

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