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‘City of Light’ by Steve Griffin

This is a fantastic tale, “interwoven with the fabric of our mundane reality.” There was a great deal about this book that I liked very much. The descriptions of Kashi were detailed and convincing, clearly at one time having been part of the fabric of the author’s mundane reality: he had been there, and in this tale he takes his readers with him. I loved the olive billboard, “filled mostly with Hindi script but ending in a picture of a packet of crisps and an English caption: “Bitos – Full of snack and cracky Fun!” There were many well-paced passages of...

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‘Awash in Talent’ by Jessica Knauss

“It reads like fiction, and I feel challenged to add up all the clues.” This is a marvellous book: fiercely intelligent, highly perceptive and beautifully written. Jessica Knauss is certainly awash in writing talent. I was gripped throughout by her protagonists, and quite surprised to discover that the author is not in fact a practising psychotherapist with a degree in psychology. I was not, however, surprised to discover her long involvement in the writing and editing of literary fiction. That was evident on every page. The book consists of first-person narratives by two women and one teenage girl. They are writing...

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