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Jessica: The Autobiography of an Infant by Jeffrey Von Glahn Ph.D

This is a powerful, and at times uncomfortable, account of the relationship between a psychologist and his client over a long period of unusually intensive psychotherapy. The book is entirely about Jessica, and the psychologist’s sympathies are unequivocally with his client, to the extent that he “never doubted for an instant that she was giving me an exact account of how she had felt from start to finish of her experience.” I did find myself doubting the accuracy of the ‘memories’ of her earliest experiences, though I didn’t doubt for an instance that Jessica thought she was giving an exact...

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The Dragon Scale Lute by J.C. Kang

J.C. Kang has presented us with a beautifully written and intricately detailed account of a fascinating fantasy world with its roots in a culture in some ways very different from our own, and in other ways chillingly similar. This is a world with three moons and kinds of magic you may never have come across before. The political intrigues and Machiavellian machinations are all too familiar, however, as we get deeper into the struggles either to acquire absolute power or to free oneself from its tyranny. There is convincing detail aplenty in this intricately woven tale, side by side with...

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