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The Poisoned Rock by Robert Daws

This is an assured and polished piece of work by a very competent writer who is a master of the genre. Robert Daws has such an intimate knowledge of ‘the Rock’ and a number of venues in Southern Spain that he is able almost effortlessly to gain credibility for his narrative with a wealth of incidental detail – streets, key buildings, cafes, squares, alleys ... The story is satisfyingly complex, involving not only the minutiae of a modern-day police investigation into a number of murders but also weaving in the strategic importance of Gibraltar, its history and culture and the...

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Formatting your own book interiors

The advantages of being able to format your own book interiors are obvious: it costs you nothing, you are in total control, and you can make changes whenever you need to with the minimum of time and effort. I was prompted to set out on this journey when I decided I wanted to revise the six books in my series so far (I thought my ‘style’ had developed and ‘settled’ in the six years it took me to get this far). That meant I would need new EPUB, MOBI and PDF versions of each book = 18 new versions. Even...

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