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“Protected by the Light” Debra Roinestad

The author was horrifically abused by her psychotic, violent, drug-dealing parents and other members of her totally dysfunctional family – literally tortured into unconsciousness time and time again for their own hideous amusement. This is a story of survival – understanding the body’s and the mind’s mechanisms for dealing as effectively as it can with terrible abuse until - in adulthood and in a safe place at last – the brain unlocks the terrible memories in order to flush out the poison and enable a healing process to take place. Debra’s journey is very painful to follow through childhood, but...

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“The Tyro” (Dreamwalkers of Larreta Book 1) by Carol Holland Marsh

The story is a fascinating one, exploring what freedoms can be found when the spirit is freed to roam beyond the fetters of flesh. The inhabited parts of Larreta, home to ‘the dreamwalkers’ are Utopian, looking “like Earth, but without its imperfections.” Benevolent alien life-forms maintain a perfect environment in which dreamwalkers can explore past lives, wrestle with personal demons free of the constraints that normally shackle earthbound existence and progress along their individual paths until they find another dreamwalker with whom they can become enjoined in the ‘tantrea’ (the perfect union of two souls). Yet here too, almost inevitably,...

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