“Protected by the Light” Debra Roinestad

The author was horrifically abused by her psychotic, violent, drug-dealing parents and other members of her totally dysfunctional family – literally tortured into unconsciousness time and time again for their own hideous amusement. This is a story of survival – understanding the body’s and the mind’s mechanisms for dealing as effectively as it can with terrible abuse until – in adulthood and in a safe place at last – the brain unlocks the terrible memories in order to flush out the poison and enable a healing process to take place.

Debra’s journey is very painful to follow through childhood, but ultimately uplifting in adulthood and in the company of caring people helping her to heal. While most readers will not have suffered anything like the depths of depravity to which Debra was subjected, her personal strength, intelligence, essential goodness and enormous courage and fortitude in dealing with it are an inspiration to us all.

The lessons Debra has learned and now shares with us are lessons from which we can all profit, even though most of us have not been tested to the same degree. “We are indeed the masters of our own minds”, and Debra Roinestad is living proof. I recommend this short, well-written, tragic, powerful, real and uplifting book without reservation. Whether or not you have yourself been a victim of any kind of abuse in childhood, read this book and profit from it.