‘The Rending’ (Book 2 of ‘The Dreamwalkers of Larreta’) by Carol Holland March

I hope you have read ‘The Tyro’ (Book I in this series). I said in my review of it (https://myrddinsheir.com/2017/07/the-tyro-dreamwalkers-of-larreta-book-1-by-carol-holland-marsh/): “This is a superbly imaginative and very well-crafted book.” I am very happy to be able to report that that is also true of Book 2. Do read the series from the beginning, and study the glossary. The story will flow better for you if you do.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep (The Tempest, IV i)”. Two ‘dreamwalkers’ of Larreta are particularly talented: Leo in his ability to form a ‘pantu’ – a passage into the past – and Jesse in his ability to create a ‘zama’ – a passage into the future. What appeared (at any rate to me) in Book 1 to be a “dark and malevolent force” creating time rifts that swallowed buildings and people whole on Larreta turns out in Book 2 to have a voice, a purpose and a cause …

Ms March’s plot is cerebral and measured, and her text full of interesting observations about the human condition. This is not a book to be skimmed. Exploring the metaphysics of alternative realities is intellectually challenging. Larreta is a world populated by dreamwalkers, all of whom have lived many lives on Earth. Larreta is just one of a number of worlds with passages to and from Earth, worlds that are mentored by powerful, ethereal creatures who have created the conditions which make it possible for dreamwalkers eventually to find their ‘ah-min’: their significant other with whom they are totally compatible, not just in love but in energy.

Larreta is like Earth, but without its imperfections, which makes it a kind of Heaven and the mentors kinds of angels. Once, thousands of years ago, it was twinned with another world – Kālong – where everything vibrated at a lower frequency. Wary of the dangers of contamination, the Council on Larreta took the momentous decision to cut itself off from Kālong – hence the title: ‘The Rending’. All contact with that world was lost, and it was presumed all its inhabitants – cut off from light and hope and joy of life, subsequently abandoned it or died. Now, the inhabitants of the ‘mentored’ worlds are being swallowed by these mysterious rifts in time. Who or what is responsible? Are the taken taken anywhere, or are they irretrievably lost? Only Leo and Jesse can create a ‘truan’: the time passage needed to be able to pinpoint the source …

Ms March is a very capable writer. You would expect that of a teacher of creative writing at University level. This is a series to savour, and I recommend it highly.