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Three-Ways: Book 4 in the Karen Seagate and Ryan Miner Mysteries by Mike Markel

As entertaining and revealing as in Books 1-3, Karen Seagate doesn’t cut herself much slack: “I should start to feel a little better about myself. Once each blue moon, I get something right.” She says of her partner, Ryan Miner: “He sets the bar so high I just walk under it. Don’t even have to bend.”             The crime is committed in the Prologue, described in enough detail to put the reader several steps ahead of the police by narrowing the number of suspects to the number of women who had had sex with the victim that evening. That throws...

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“The Broken Saint: Book 3 in the Karen Seagate and Ryan Miner Mysteries” by Mike Markel

This is another entertaining and intriguing investigation in Rawlings, Montana by this very talented author. Rawlings is described by Karen Seagate as “our little city located quite close to the exact geographic center of nowhere in Montana.” It will come as no surprise to fans of this series that human beings in Rawlings display the qualities, eccentricities, strengths, weaknesses and coping strategies of human beings everywhere. I appreciate the painfully honest, self-deprecating dry humour of Mike Markel’s protagonist, who narrates the story. Detective Karen Seagate is “what they call a recovering alcoholic.” She despises the phrase, although she understands why no...

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