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About other authors

author photo 250 x 300One of the great pleasures of being an Indie author who spends a certain amount of time each day on activities designed to draw attention to my  books (among the hundreds of thousands of independently published books every year) is that along the way you meet and become friends with many other Indie authors on the same mission.

On several occasions it has been my pleasure and privilege to host some of these authors on my blogspot. I confess that I have done so sometimes without having had the opportunity to take more than a cursory glance at their work; but what I do know about all of them without a shadow of a doubt is that they have poured their hearts and souls into their books. They have done their absolute best to produce something that they hope large numbers of the general reading public will one day discover is worth reading, and I am happy to help them in whatever way I can along that rocky road towards the achievement of the dream we all share.

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