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Poetry written by characters in this story

In chapter 19 of Book 3: The Quality of Mercy, my heroes’ and heroines’ English teacher launched their first unit on poetry: what it is and how to write it. Gordon had been waiting ages to get his teeth into this subject. There’s an interesting discussion of the basics, which Zack expands on with Gordon later that evening. Their homework was to write a poem that expressed an important idea in a powerful and poetic way. Their poems appear in chapters 26 – 28, but they’ve given me permission to post them on my reader’s wall as well. I think...

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Thank You

When I finally retired from teaching in 2007, two pupils wrote poems for me. The English Department put them in a nice frame with a picture of me with my colleagues as a retirement present. It now hangs on my bedroom wall, and no doubt will until I die. I could want no better tribute.  Thank you Yours was the best sort of teaching: a reservoir of enthusiasm, a waterfall of eloquence, the fresh waters of sanity.   Thank you ... for your generous wit for your constantly open mind for your scholarship for your effortless command of language for...

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A poem I wrote more than fifty years ago

I qualify as a reader as well - because I doubt if anyone will ever read these stories as often as I do - so let me kick the whole thing off with a poem I wrote 54 years ago that nobody has ever seen until now. There is something about it which seems relevant. How "true" do I think it is, 54 years on? I don't know. How do you ever know what you think until you hear what you say, or read what you write? At the time I was into creating verbs and adjectives in the Germanic...

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