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Should we vote again?

In June 2016, I was in a meeting about things that had nothing at all to do with Brexit. We had reached the end of business and were leaving the room when somebody mentioned the upcoming referendum and a look of disgust crossed one lady’s face. “Oh, I’m voting Leave,” she declared, and added: “… the E.U. (the letters were delivered with heavy emphasis and profound disdain) - or whatever it’s called”. Those words came back to me a few months ago when I happened to click on a Ricky Gervais stand-up routine on Netflix. He was mocking those who...

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Beware of!

If you are an Indie author looking to copyright your work, be very careful when dealing with this website. Its homepage offers you a single copyright for £42. For this, it says you get 30 years’ secure storage of your uploaded file by a notary. Nowhere on that homepage is there any mention of terms and conditions. Clicking on one of their packages takes you to the next page where you’re told how much you have to pay to secure what level of security and whether or not what you’re paying for includes assistance in the event of litigation. The...

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‘Papala Skies’ Stephen Geez

     ‘Papala Skies’ is a tour de force: meticulously researched, intricately planned, and beautifully written. I was reminded of something William Wordsworth said once: “I yield to none in love of my art. I therefore labour at it with reverence, affection and industry.” This is a most carefully crafted book, its characters and their struggles serving the author’s worthy purposes, its language replete with resonating imagery and apposite metaphor. Stephen Geez possesses impressively wide-ranging knowledge in a number of fields, all of which add credence to his tale; but in a way for me, suspension of disbelief was never an...

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