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I’m hooked!

Author of 'The Convict and the Rose', 'Flowers and Stone', 'Home at Last' and ''Til Death Us Do Part'

Author, Robin Chambers, has crafted a series of Fantasy/YA books that tell fascinating tales. I was hooked from the first page of Book 1, Wizard of Dreams and found Book 2, Amazing Grace equally riveting.
Amazing Grace, picks up where the first book left off, with an extraordinarily gifted child, Gordon entering a new school.
This book explores and expands the gifts and special powers Gordon and his newfound friend, Grace possess. Zack and Zoe, the children’s alter-egos, play equally important roles in the story, as their guardian angels and astral travel companions.
One of Gordon’s gifts is time travel to the past, while Grace can travel to the future. They find that they can communicate with each other through thoughts.
Throughout the book, the children go on many adventures, from space travel, to helping Gordon’s father, who is a policeman, solve crimes, using their supernatural abilities.
I loved the way Robin Chambers wove the families into this story. Even Gordon’s father came to understand and respect the children’s abilities, and he was a true Doubting Thomas. Then there are other children in school who are intertwined throughout the story as well through their dreamtime.
All-in-all, it is a story that’s easy to read and thoroughly entertaining. Being completely captivated by these first two books, I know I must get Book 3 to see how the adventures continue!
If you love fantasy along the lines of J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis, you’ll love these books by Robin Chambers.

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