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Delightful story, thoroughly British. Left me feeling a wee bit smarter


A Wizard of Dreams is a delightful book. It tells the story of young Gordon Bennett and his invisible friend, Zack, as they travel to different worlds, learning important lessons along the way. Gordon, it turns out, is a special boy, with special powers who is destined for great things. I love the dynamic between Gordon and Zack. In many ways they remind me of Calvin and Hobbes, with Zack playing the role of the wise yet young at heart tiger.

The mystery surrounding Zack’s true identity is masterfully done. Is he a ghost? An angel? A slice of Gordon’s subconscious? Not even Zack knows, and it’s that uncertainty that adds another wrinkle to an already layered story. (In some ways I hope we never find out)

The writing itself is top-notch. Mr. Chambers does a wonderful job jumping between the real and supernatural, describing everything in a way that can only be termed thoroughly British. As a North American, I love that kind of stuff. It’s like peering through the lens of a familiar yet different camera.

And I can’t forget the little recaps at the end of each chapter. They’re like poetry, and I found myself looking forward to reading each one. That’s one question I would like to ask the author: how did he come up with that? It’s genius.

Finally, there’s the handy glossary in the back. It’s filled with information pertaining to the story, and not just meanings of words. For example, I was pleased to discover what I assumed was an ordinary line in a conversation was a reference to a famous poem. The glossary is filled with such examples, and it left me feeling a wee bit smarter than when I started.

This is a unique book with great characters and a wonderful story and I recommend it to anyone looking for not only a fun read, but an enlightening one as well.

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