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The writing is superb and bright… A beautifully rendered tale


Gracious me, what a lovely surprise A WIZARD OF DREAMS is! The writing is superb and bright, a modern invocation of ancient, mythical powers colored by Brit English. Without pandering to mainstream, fantasy expectations, this modern story chronicles the early life of a supernaturally gifted, marginalized boy named Gordon, and his invisible guide, Zack. Like any good Dickensian protagonist, Gordon encounters difficulties that reveal the underbelly of his world, the dirty edges of “real” society. How can you not fall in love with this child? Gordon becomes my hero by the mere fact that he can still dream and believe and love, even after enduring the abuse of damaged individuals. A beautifully rendered tale that I would compare to a deep-sea dive that yields unexpected philosophical and spiritual pearls. I would recommend this for fluent readers of all ages.

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