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Gordon Bennett: The Early Years

Welcome to a wealth of additional information about Gordon Bennett’s early childhood.

The first version of Book 1 contained an additional twenty-eight chapters describing key events in Gordon’s early childhood. That version of A Wizard of Dreams ended on Gordon’s first morning at secondary school.

While many of my reviewers seemed happy to read those early chapters, others felt they delayed the onset of the main storyline. They said they enjoyed the book a lot more once Gordon got to Cornwall and the story proper ‘picked up pace’.

After four years of sticking to my original guns, I came to the decision that I should take those twenty-eight chapters out and make them available here for those interested enough to come and find them. I replaced them by taking the first 20 chapters of Book 2 and making them instead the last 20 chapters of Book 1.

This meant changing where each of the subsequent books in the series began and ended, but I decided it would be worth the effort if it turned out that more readers enjoyed Book 1 of the series enough to want to go on reading about the adventures of Gordon and his magically gifted friends in Books 2, 3 and beyond.

While undertaking this revision, I decided also to put the chapters in chronological order. They hadn’t come out that way at first. Some readers expressed confusion in finding that Book 5 took them back in time to the point where Book 3 ended in order to describe how events unfolded for other characters in the story following the death of Octavius Mortlake. The timeline throughout Books 1-6 is now smooth and sequential. I hope these changes are for the better, but as always it is for time and my readers to tell.

I was loath to let these chapters about Gordon’s early childhood go, and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They are all about the formation of his character and the development of his magical abilities. Those first ten years prepared him for the challenges he has had to face since the ghost of his sixteen greats grandmother stepped out in front of their family car, a few days before his eleventh birthday.