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The inside story

featured image 8 diplodocus six million years of evolution


Welcome to ‘The Inside Story’ – the section that lets you look ‘behind the scenes’ at each of the important characters in the story. Their posts give you inside information about that character: where they came from, what elements and ideas went into their make-up, and why they’re important to the story.

I hope that this incidental background information will deepen your understanding and enjoyment of the story, and also provide insights into how characters for stories create themselves within the mind of a writer. If you have any insights into any of the characters yourself as you meet and get to know them, I’d be very interested to know what you think.

You can always email me at I’m interested in your reactions to the characters, and also in any ideas you may have about where you would like the story to go. I know how it ends, but it might take me another twelve books or so to get there!

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